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Princess & Disney Photography – Girls Birthday Gift Idea

Princess’s and Disney are a joy for Children. Once you have fallen in love with the enchanting stories and their characters chances are it will stay with you forever. To prepare for your photo shoot I will design each set to capture the essence of your child’s chosen character.

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If you want to you can also dress accordingly to your character. All you need to do is think about what princess or Disney character you want to become. There are so many loved characters like Cinderella, Jasmine from the magic carpet. Little Mermaid, Snow White.

Special Occasion Photographer

This photoshoot is great for a birthday or for any special occasion you have planned. Children can be photographed on their own or with their siblings. They can also be photographed too with a group of their friends at a birthday party. I photograph any special occasion you have planned at affordable prices. I am a Chester  Children’s photographer and I work all over Cheshire. If you would like to book in for a photo shoot then please just contact me.

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